Minutes for the 12th Korea Japan Joint Meeting

Minutes for the 12th Korea Japan joint meeting
April 14th 2018

Our 12th Korea Japan joint meeting was held on April 12th, 2018 at Nihonbashi social educagtion center.

Today‘s TMOD was TM Ma. and TM Su.
Theme was “I love it!”
The TMOD ask us that you’ll address something when tell us “What’s do you love Japan or Korea?”
Our members tell us lots of interested topics. It was “Beer” “Korean BBQ” “Energetic city” “He loves Japanese spicy food it’s called wasabi.”etc

Today‘s Word of the Day was announced by TM Ka as “Imprssed””Moving” in English and “kandou shimasita”in Japanese.

There were 4 prepared speeches.

First speech was made by TM Chan with the title “My background:Toastmasters Journey”. He is learning lots of things from Toast masters club.
He attened the meeting when he made lots of friends. He is learnig leadership with his members.
Toastmasters has good edcution systems and he enjoy it in the assciation. It’s using and have fun in his unversity.

Second speech was made by TM Kimi with the title “How to get a girlfriend from Toastmasters” He was looking for girl friend for ten years, but failed it. He kept on it at Toastmasters club. He was
greeting the members and exchange email address. It wasn’t successful from his teenage. He got a handle on it from Toast masters club. He write down “Good things”
“Bad things” on his inside. He asked some advice from the member and doesn’t forced your thinking. It’s important her thinking.

Third speech was made by TM Par with the title “Aru game” She asked some question that you can see a goal of tomorrow? Are
you tired pefectly. It’s not good for those people. I want to play a game with anther people. The game is called “Aru game”
We’ll look for good things and write down it. You don’t feel sad for your circumstances. We will search for good things for
your living.
Fourth speech was made by TM Sunw with the title “igi gaaru”
What’s your goal in Toastmasters club. He happened to work in Japan. He’s senior co-worker asked him “Why don’t you work in Japan?” He answered “I’ll sleep on it.”
But his company’s vice president were thinking next morining. He started to learn Japanese. He want to improve Japanese skills,so he joined JETM. He started
to work in Japan when he joined TMTC, becase he want to improve his Japanese speech skills in TMTC.

Table Topics Session was conducted by TM Miya and TM Leo.
The topics was the Story telling. They gived us first sentence, ending sentence and three words
We had to use those and anwer the table topic answer. Five guys answered this difficult question
from the table topic masters.

Evaluation session was led by General Evaluator TM And. Today‘s evaluators for the prepared speeches were TM ken.. TM Kay..TM Tad.. and TM Hyu..
They had great evaluated their speech each others.

A two guys that TM Ejy. TM.Fuj addressed closing comments for us. It were great speeches. We moved it.

The Awards were given to the following members;
Both ofTM Sum. and TM Mar for the Best Table Topics,
TM Jeo. for the Best Evaluators.
TM Tak. for the Best Speaker.

April 15 2018, This minutes was written by Sat.